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The Middle Ages are comming back!Phoenix da Vinci

The Phoenix "Da Vinci" combines the merits of the Standard model with the optical features of the instruments of the Medevial and Renaissance period.

Very beautiful, selected flamed maple, the finely worked rosette under the keybox, the antique oil/wax varnish and the extension of either a second trompette- or a third drone-string make the "Da Vinci" a perfect all-round instrument for all conditions and performances of historic music.

The changed soundboard construction changes the tension and the thickness and the large rosette make the instument give an amazingly open and "woody" sound.

Sound Sample : "Ecco la primavera" (Comp.: Francesco Landini 1325-1397), Played by Riccardo Delfino on two instruments (tuned in G and C); Duration 50s, Format:370 kB QuickTime Movie

Normal 2 1x Schnarre 2x Bordun Mensur: 35cm 14 Ganztoene 10 Halbtoene Stimmung: G/g Holz: Fichte/Ahorn Oel / Wachs Holzwirbel
Sonderausstattung Getriebemechanik Tonabnehmer Stimmung: vario 2x Schnarre 3x Bordun