Medieval Hurdy-Gurdy (Box Form)


T ut several adherants of an earlier school wanted zealously measure out the old tempi to produce their own (song) rather than performing the old ones: this was sung in semibreves and minims to the followers of the church and disfigured by small values for the notes. They hastened, they did not linger; they intoxicated the ears with sound, rather than healing: they had no idea what they were producing (from the notes) with gyrations of the body - which held the sought after devotions in contempt and which made the lasciviousness which had to be avoided, all the more apparent.

From "Constitutio 'Docta Sanctorum'"
PopeJohnXXII, 1324

Reconstruction of a box form hurdy gurdy according to the motifs in the Luttrell Psaltery with King David, ca. 1330, England.
An ideal instrument for accompaniment of Cantigas, Minnesang and "Chantes des Troubadoures".

Sound Sample: Retrowange nouvelle (Jaques de Cambrai, Trouvère 13th century) played by: Riccardo Delfino, Duration 31s, Format: 236kB QuickTime Movie

Normal 1x 2x Bordun Measure: 36cm 14 Whole notes Tuning: C Wood: F/N Wood: F/K Wax/Oil Wooden pegs
Special manufacture 2x Melodie Patented belt holder 5 Semi notes